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Mission Statement:

Zero Waste ACT® was formed out of a love and respect for our environment, country and inhabitants. By mapping waste sources with recycling industries and providing recycled material again for reusing, we leave as little garbage behind as possible and help others achieve this goal as well. We have a strong sense of community and we want to raise awareness and change attitudes of those who believe recycling is not worth it. It is our goal to start small and offer a service that is new to schools and institutions and, by making the efforts minimal, we believe that anyone can recycle and be excited about the fact that they ARE making a difference. Our ultimate goal as a business is to expand to all schools, to all families and to all communities; to open up minds to the possibility of a cleaner planet and to enhance the idea that caring and making a difference to generations to come is what matters most.



We aim to initiate and develop awareness of massive environmental consequences our sanitary system is creating. We would like to implement a comprehensive set of actions designed to address Lebanon’s solid waste disposal dilemma and lessen the demand upon our natural resources. In doing so, we promote an integrated waste management hierarchy emphasizing the Six R’s –

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, Respect , Responsibility , and Recognition

and help each school develop a waste management program which will divert its waste stream from disposal to recycling.


What is Zero Waste Act®?

Zero Waste ACT® is Contra International’s courageous initiative to minimizing solid waste haphazard disposal and diverting the waste stream away from landfills.

This initiative is based on four key concepts: Environmental sustainability, Economic development, Education, and Personal advancement. The program encourages students to segregate their daily waste and by doing so become ACTive and responsible citizens of their communities.

By becoming members of Zero Waste ACT®, schools and institutions will benefit from a country-wide recognition program, receive awards and donations in conjunction with their needs, and find alternative sources for their supply channels. Although the potential for cost reduction is great, a narrow focus on savings alone may not be enough to place waste management on anyone’s agenda. A good waste management program has implications on improved public relations, controlled environmental problems and conserved energy.

By implementing Zero Waste ACT® in a school we empower students to practice the principles which they are learning in the classroom. We give them the skills to actively take part in managing their resources. The perception that garbage is not “my problem” can be changed when everyone realizes they can make a significant contribution to managing resources.

As for businesses, Zero Waste ACT® can help a business go green while reducing costs on this often over-looked line item.

Zero Waste ACT® will address a business’ specific waste challenges, identify creative new solutions, and implement long-term sustainable solutions for all waste streams.



Notre année scolaire touche à sa fin. Pour cela je voudrai vous remercier pour cette activité qui a permis à nos élèves d'avoir un regard attentionné vers l'environnement dans lequel ils vivent. Le fait que plusieurs écoles participent à l'activité du tri des déchets, a permis à nos jeunes de relever le défi et de garder leur école à la première position. Mais le mérite revient aussi à Zero Waste ACT®, et à toutes les personnes qui y travaillent. Car avec votre gentillesse, votre patience, et votre engagement vous nous avez ouvert une possibilité à nous professeurs, à nos élèves et à leurs parents de participer à un projet qui aura des répercussions très positives sur tout le territoire libanais.
Par la même occasion je voudrai remercier et féliciter M. Kifah, pour son sérieux au travail, son assiduité et son attitude professionelle envers les personnes avec qui il a eu à faire.
Je vous souhaite une bonne continuation et nous continuerons cette aventure ensemble pour le bien de notre pays et pour l'éducation de nos jeunes.


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