Eco Challenge and Art Waste Contest 2013


On Saturday, June 1st, Zero Waste ACT® hosted students from across Lebanon in its second Eco Challenge and Art Waste Contest in Taanayel Domain.

Upon arrival to Taanayel, the students were mixed up and assigned into groups composed of a variety of backgrounds to improve their sense of communication and social experience.

The Eco Challenge day included several games and activities such as: mountain biking, building mud bricks, finding the needle in a haystack, getting all aboard…
These activities challenged the students’ strength and creativity while educating them on the importance of nature and its environmental pyramid. Moreover, reducing pollution by using bikes or car pooling, in addition to segregating and recycling, were introduced as well through fun games.

Then we were all gathered for lunch at Tawlit Ammik, where most of the food is bio, the temperature is preserved by the Canadian well and the restaurant is mostly decorated by re-used glass and paper.

Last, the grand finale with the Art Waste Contest, where students showed extraordinary artifacts mainly made out of non-recyclable waste. The artifacts were ranked based on creativity, appearance and the re-usage of non-recyclable waste.

The Art Waste Contest ranking was as follows:

1st Runner up: Jesus and Mary High School

2nd Runner up: Notre Dame de Balamand High School

3rd Runner up: Notre Dame de Balamand Middle School

Zero Waste ACT® congratulates all the participants on making the Eco Challenge and Art Waste Contest a successful and wonderful experience for the second consecutive year. ZWA® is proud to have witnessed the high team spirit, sense of environmental commitment and cheerful faces of its “Green Students”!

ZWA® salutes the courage and commitment of the participating schools and acknowledges some schools’ withdrawal due to the current situation in the country.
Hopefully, these schools will be present in the coming activities; fighting for our environment! 


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