REcycle for a REason


The REcycle for a REason campaign was launched on April 10th, 2013, in Le Mall Dbayeh, Sin el Fil and Saida.
This campaign encourages people to recycle for a cause and donate their empty beverage containers, instead
of their money, to help a child in need.  

All aluminum and plastic proceeds of REcycle for a REason are donated to Children's Cancer Center and Sesobel.

Through REcycle for a REason, Zero Waste ACT® aims to create more awareness about recycling and to depict the image of waste being valuable.
That is why, waste should not be thrown in landfills but rather donated to help a child in need.

Never hesitate to segregate plastic and aluminum and visit the nearest Le Mall branch to make your donation!

"Do not donate your money to help a child. Just your empty beverage containers."


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