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Zero Waste act


Contra International launches the ZERO WASTE ACT

An ambitious waste segregation project with Lebanese schools


On Tuesday June 21, during a press conference and reception at Sofitel Beirut Le Gabriel, Contra International celebrated the launch of an impressive green project, The Zero Waste Act - a waste segregation project conducted with a number of private schools in Lebanon. This green project aims at creating a "Zero Waste" school environment by mapping school waste sources with recycling industries and providing recycled school material that schools can reuse. 


To date, this initiative is the most ambitious green project done by a private company in Lebanon.


Contra International, the leading provider of comprehensive green solutions in the Middle East, is constantly seeking the opportunity to help leave a legacy of clean air, land, and water.

Considering the urgency of environmental concerns in Lebanon, this project reaches out to the country's future.  The ZWA will create awareness about ecological issues and recycling in the younger generation.  Schools will receive segregation bins (plastic, paper, cans, glass) so students are able to sort waste at its source.  In conjunction, Contra is conducting in and out of class Eco activities to increase student and school commitment and enhance the Zero Waste Act experience. Presentations all year long, an Eco-Challenge in November, and an Art Waste Contest from January to April, are but a few. A summer Camp experience will end the ZWA extracurricular activities of the scholastic year.    

The Zero Waste Act addresses Lebanon’s ever growing waste handling dilemma by diverting recyclable waste from the landfills. Besides its Eco-friendliness it is also beneficial on educational, environmental and economical levels.  It promotes the segregation of waste at the source; creates awareness about waste mishandling; highlights the importance of Reducing, Reusing and Recycling; teaches the youth to appreciate and protect the environment; and instills a sense of respect, responsibility and recognition for everyone involved. As a country-wide effort, the Zero Waste Act even contributes to molding students into responsible citizens of the future.

Mr. Baaklini (G.M. of Contra Int’l) shed light on Contra's ideal position to create such a viable initiative: “As an industry leader, we commit our knowledge and experience to stewardship of the environment, tackling tough issues such as providing renewable energy and resource conservation, recycling and waste diversion, and safe collection and disposal of waste. We are an environmental company.”  Mr. Baaklini also stressed on the difference firms and people can make: “The good that we do starts with our spirit, determination and leadership, both as individuals and as a company.  It starts right here, with commitment.”

The Zero Waste Act is a long-term commitment.  During its  first year, 22 different schools will be involved.  While a good start, plans are already in place to increase this number to 50 schools by the end of the second year and to reach 100 schools by the end of the fifth year.  Contra will also extend this project to universities and private companies. 

Contra has a vision and is keen on making this environmental concern a natural interest for people.  By improving one habit like waste disposal, we can improve our community, our neighborhood our cities and our quality of life.    Beirut June 21, 2011
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