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Weber mobile large-volume Refuse + Garbage Containers Size 1100 round lid are produced in Weber-owned machines and heavy-duty precision mould systems in due keeping with the requirements set forth in DIN 30700 Part 2 and/or EN 840 Part 5 at the Weber plant in Haan near Dusseldorf, Germany.

Industrial-Grade Quality: 

Weber-Containers are produced by conventional injection moulding process from high density polyethylene material, UV-stabilized for improved weather resistance. The inner and outer surfaces of these MGB containers are smooth-finished and the rounded edges facilitate complete emptying of the contents, and the 2" size water drain socket provides for unproblematic cleaning. 

The wall thickness of these MGB containers is constant throughout the container body.

Structural Design Features: 

The mounting dimensions are compatible with all standardized dumping systems -designwise suitable for lift + tilt-dumping per DIN as well as rake-lift pick-up dumping. 

The pick-up shoulder is designed in the form of a full-length stepped edge with reinforcing ribs. These MGB containers are provided with integrated chip mounts for future modification with electronic data capture equipment serving identification and/or weighing purposes. 

The easy-move sliding top is provided with two convenient opening handles and a 3-position detent mechanism. 

These MGB containers are provided with four smooth-running solid rubber-tired 200 mm dia plastic-rim wheels (wheels with steel rims and grooved ball bearings are available at a small extra charge). The front wheels are braked by a central pedal-controlled safe-lock mechanism. 

Ownership identification (e.g. town, year, numerals, etc.) embossed in the container top is available as an extra. 

MGB containers of this model series are available in various colours and colour combinations, for example grey, green, yellow and blue. Also available, upon request, are special colour schemes for separate paper/glass collection.

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