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Safety Nets

Fall Protection 

Made by Superchute 

EDGEGUARD is a speedy and ultra safe solution to worker fall protection. 
Fully meshed rails, stackable base weights, superb handling systems make Edgeguar the premier rail system. 
For temporary use on any flat deck with unprotected edges: roofs, slabs, shafts, stairwells, skylights. 
Designed for roofers, contractors, rental stores, construction & safety supply retailers.

Fall protection advantages that are unique to EDGEGUARD

To prevent men & materials from falling through or between rails, there are no large gaps: 

Each rail is fully meshed (6" x 6" squares). 
The gap between rails is only 4" & overhanging toprail ends further reduce the gap to 2". 
Screw holes along the Toeboard Retaining Angle allow wood toeboards with cut-outs to be screwed to the rail. 
EDGEGUAD is quicker & easier to install than any other system on the market: 

  • 11' rails are longer than any other rail, so you require less base weights. 
  • 11' rails use 10' long uncut studs as toeboards (2" x 4" minimum). Eliminates sawing! 
  • Every counterweight base has 6 built-in toeboard brackets. 
  • Rails & counterweight bases are managed by a heavy duty handling system (bins, pallets, carts).

Designed to meet & exceed the requirements of OSHA Part 1926, Subpart M, Fall Protection. 

Easily resists the 200 lb test without damage (the ends of any railing system must have additional support to prevent overturning). 

OSHA 1926.502(b)(3) 

"Guardrail systems shall be capable of withstanding, without failure, a force of at least 200 pounds applied within 2 inches of the top edge, in any outward or downward direction, at any point along the top edge."


Machine Guarding & Area Delimitation 

Prevent workers from entering restricted areas. Protect valuable machines from forklifts. 

Rails & bases take seconds to install, adjust, or move. 
Choice of rail lengths to fit any configuration. 
Yellow top rails are very visible to forklift drivers. 
Freestanding design (no bolting to floor). If rails are nudged by a forklift, the system will simply shift slightly.
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