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Construction Debris Chutes

SUPERCHUTE  polyethylene trash chutes are the choice of suppliers & contractors throughout North America. Superb ease-of-use and durability provide a quick, clean, & safe solution. Our designs have been perfected to provide you with the right tool for debris removal.


  • Builders
  •  Roofers
  •  Scaffolders
  • Masons
  • Demo Contractors
  • Supply Houses
  • Rental Stores
  • Renovators

Superchute sections are tapered tubes that attach quickly & easily to one another using built-in cable assemblies. Create chutes up to 200 ft. in length (see Cable Assemblies for important information on height limitations). Entry sections allow debris to be cleared from any floor level. Use Chute Hoists to install and support the chute.

All Superchute sections are:

4 foot tall (because linked sections overlap a little, 3 sections provide 10 ft. of drop).
slightly tapered (only 1 inch taper - tight fit minimizes airborne dust).
equipped with safe & strong cable linking hardware.
branded with your company name.
outstandingly resistant to abrasion, chemicals and cold.
lightweight, safe, flexible, and quiet in use.
made from yellow UV treated plastic.
Superchute sections are designed for temporary use.

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