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Contra  International stems  from a century old business rooted in Lebanon.  We started operations in the G.C.C. in 2005 and, since then, we have  grown into a multinational, multi-tasked workforce catering for Renewable and Sustainable Energy Industries, Green Building Construction, and home finishing.

Our  headquarters are in Lebanon, with fully fledged satellite  offices in Qatar and UAE.

Our core business is the design, supply and installation of GREEN Products, Pneumatic Waste Collection Systems, Garbage Chutes and Waste Handling Equipment, Linen Chutes, Exhausts, Pumps and Fire Pumps as well as Pre-insulated  ducts.

Our  Vision
Contra  International aims to provide services and customized products that are  continuously developed and improved to meet today`s demanding market.

Our  Values
Our  people and technology make us a leader in the construction industry.   We work together to constantly improve customer satisfaction, employee  opportunity and brand value.

Committing ourselves to integrity,  we will:

  •  Earn  the respect, confidence and loyalty of OUR CUSTOMERS by serving them so  well, that they profit from their association with us.
  • Provide  OUR PEOPLE with reachable goals, leading to the challenge and  opportunity to realize their ambitions in terms of career rewards and  family security.
  • Be fair  to OUR SUPPLIERS and encourage their contributions to our  success.

Our  Goal
Contra  International will strive to achieve continuous improvement of our own  individual performance, productivity, creativity, and professionalism,  thereby reaching more than the sum of the parts we touch, thus  achieving Synergy!

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