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Join Contra #2022 Worldcup Team!
Want to be part of a winning team? Join our task force to work with us during the upcoming 2022 World Cup!! Several openings . . .
Zero Waste ACT partners with Nespresso
Nespresso and Dima sal officially opened their latest Boutique in ABC with the announcement of Nespresso Recycling Program . . .


Contra International stems from a century old business rooted in Lebanon. We started operations in the G.C.C. in 2005 and, since then, we have grown into a multinational, multi-tasked workforce catering for Renewable and Sustainable Energy Industries, Green Building Construction, and home finishing.

Our. . .

Zero Waste ACT partners with Nesspresso

 â€œAs an industry leader, we commit our knowledge and experience to stewardship of the environment, tackling issues such as resource conservation, recycling & waste diversion, and safe collection & disposal of waste.” Bassel Baaklini

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