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General Waste

Our service is designed to complement the existing municipal collections and allows you to put out your excess rubbish for collection whenever the municipality does not collect. It is easy, inexpensive and convenient and can be used as and when you need it.

The cost of the bags includes everything you need for a regular waste collection service:

  • Delivery of the bags
  • Weekly collections of the bags
  • Disposal of waste
  • Account management via our customer service team

Depending on the volume of your generated waste, we make the following options available to you:

Pre-paid Bags - perfect if you have no storage space for bins. Collections can be up to 7 days week.

Wheeled Bins - Sizes start at 240 litres which is the equivalent of about 8 bags. They go up to 1100 liter bins which hold around 25 bags. Collections can be up to 7 days a week.

Skips - Skips are used by large and small waste producers who need to dispose of heavy and bulky wastes. Ideal for one-off collections. Sizes start at 1.5m3 and go up to 10m3.

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