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Potable Water Generator

Our Atmospheric water generator is a high tech product, making water without resorting to any water source, this high tech state of the art machine is fit for an army, navigation, airport, hospital, schools, homes, business, "anywhere".Our Atmospheric water generator is good for developing countries that do not have clean drinking water resources available.

How many liters does if produce per day? 

These systems can produce up to 36 liters of water in a 24-hour period and could store up to 16 liters. All water produced depends on the wattage , air temperature and air humidity. 

Our largest water generator enables users to create up to 5000 liters of pure drinking water, right out of the atmosphere every day, requiring no piped in water. Our systems come in four models offering different capacities. Each model can be placed on top of buildings, as well as on ground level. In addition, the machines are scalable. So they can be placed in sequence to fulfill the most sizeable water 

The Atmospheric water generator has been designed to work outdoors in most hot or humid climates worldwide with 
humidity levels of 35% to 90%. Our Atmospheric water generators provide daily Safe drinking water affordably.

Benefits : 
  1. No external piping needed. 
  2. No more bottled water bill. 
  3. Minimal amount of energy to produce water.
  4. No more hustle to grocery stores and lifting of heavy bottled water. 
  5. No need for a Dehumidifier. 
  6. Daily 99.9% pure drinking water for you and your children manufactured by nature, far exceeding EPA requirements. 
  7. Protects your expensive furniture from over moist environments. 
  8. Protects your family from inhaling dust, bacteria and fungus. 
  9. Delivers the purest water and freshest air to your world removing microns. Utilizing high intensity UV (ultra violet), it eliminates any microorganisms including bacteria and viruses. 
  10. Operated by a microcomputer control system, it will stop generating water when completely full. 
  11. Average cost per gallon of pure drinking water is about 8 cents using our Atmospheric Drinking Water Generator.
No need to spend hundreds or even thousands of dollars for single dehumidifier machine, or air Filters. 

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