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Wind Power Generator

Fossil and nuclear fuels are often termed non-renewable energy sources. This is because, although the quantities in which they are available may be extremely large, they are nevertheless finite and so will in principle 'run out' at some time in the future.

By contrast, wind, solar, and hydropower are examples of renewable energy sources - that is, sources that are continuously replenished by natural processes. Renewable energy sources are essentially flows of energy, whereas the fossil and nuclear fuels are, in essence, stocks of energy.

World-wide, there has been a rapid rise in the development and deployment of renewable energy sources during the past few decades, not only because, unlike fossil or nuclear fuels, there is no danger of their 'running out', but also because their use normally entails no (or few) greenhouse gas emissions and therefore does not contribute to global climate change.

As part of our contribution to Thinking GREEN, we bring you Wind Power Generators, or Wind Turbines as more commonly called.
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